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78 Episodes In Season 1
Knock Knock
Written By: J. Michael Straczynski
Synopsis: Subway workers open a door marked "Do not open until doomsday!" and the Ghostbusters must save New Y... more
Station Identification
Written By: Marc Scott Zicree
Synopsis: Ghosts band together and form a TV station in an attempt to take over the world.... more
Play Them Ragtime Boos
Written By: Michael Reaves, Steve Perry
Synopsis: On a trip to New Orleans, the Ghostbusters encounter Malachai, the spirit of a trumpet player from 1... more
Sea Fright
Written By: Arthur Byron Cover, Lydia Marano
Synopsis: Ghostly pirates invade New York, seeking their "stolen" treasure in a museum.... more
The Spirit of Aunt Lois
Written By: Richard Mueller
Synopsis: When Ray's Aunt Lois hires a charlatan spiritualist, the man stirs up spirits in her home that threa... more
Cry Uncle
Written By: Bruce Reid Schaefer
Synopsis: Egon's Uncle Cyrus believes his nephew belongs in a laboratory instead of wasting his talents with t... more
Adventures in Slime and Space
Written By: David Gerrold
Synopsis: Slimer goes through an invention of Egon's and becomes "molecularly discoordinated" - in other words... more
Night Game
Written By: Kathryn M. Drennan
Synopsis: Winston gets the opportunity to play in a baseball game between Good and Evil. Unfortunately, the st... more
Venkman's Ghost Repellers
Written By: Richard Mueller
Synopsis: In his first appearance, Peter's con man father sells ponchos that supposedly repel ghosts. Unfortun... more
The Old College Spirit
Written By: John Shirley
Synopsis: Members of Peter's old fraternity ask the Ghostbusters to help rid the campus of some rowdy spirits.... more
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