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Season 1
40 Episodes In Season 1
Darkness At Noon (Part 1)
Written By: Billy Brown, Dan Angel, Dean Stefan
Synopsis: A ghostly ghoul named Achira is released by unsuspecting subway tunnel construction workers and she'... more
Darkness At Noon (Part 2)
Written By: Billy Brown, Dan Angel, Dean Stefan
Synopsis: Egon realizes that the old equipment just isn't strong enough for this new breed of ghosts. He const... more
The True Face Of A Monster
Written By: Bob Skir, Marty Isenberg
Synopsis: A rash of a racist vandalism against a Jewish temple results in the appearance of a Golem monster, w... more
Fear Itself
Written By: Duane Capizzi
Synopsis: A night club owner uncovers a series of catacombs which are protected by a ghost who can see into pe... more
Written By: Duane Capizzi
Synopsis: A novelist is possessed by a demon, causing him to create several ghostly characters which come to l... more
Casting The Runes
Written By: John Semper
Synopsis: After a small-time hood steals a pouch of ancient runes, he learns that he can use them to mark peop... more
The Infernal Machine
Written By: Steve Roberts
Synopsis: In the middle ages an alchemist releases a demon which requires a mechanical host. The demon re-appe... more
Home Is Where The Horror Is
Written By: Neil Ruttenberg
Synopsis: The EGB's try to rid a house of its ghosts only to learn the house itself is the ghost, and they mus... more
Written By: Alexx Van Dyne
Synopsis: A group of paranormal clowns that feed on laughter stalk New York City. The Ghostbusters chase one o... more
The Unseen
Written By: Siobhan Byrne
Synopsis: A mysterious orb never seen by the public is on display at the Manhattan Museum of Natural History. ... more
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