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Rating > 6.3 /10
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The Ghostmakers
Written By: Mark Amato
Season: 1

A ghost living in the mirrors decides to inhabit New Yorkers by sucking people's souls out and possessing their bodies. Eduardo falls victim to this body snatching ghost, and the EGB's must rescue their teammates's "spirit" as they, too, are sucked into the mirror. Finally, only Kylie remains herself, and it is up to her to save them and New York.

User Ratings

cutie03uk - Sun Oct 5, 2003 12:54 PM PSD
this is my favorite episode in the whole series


Jackalman 99 - Wed May 28, 2003 1:17 PM PSD
Loved this episode when I saw it on TV years ago, pity you don't have it here to watch. what's up with these streamers?


mrshowtime3740 - Wed Oct 9, 2002 10:11 PM PSD
Slimer is a ghost himself. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!


kyleogb1983 - Sat Sep 21, 2002 3:37 AM PSD
A very interesting episode in my opinion.


Mina - Thu Sep 5, 2002 10:28 AM PSD
It just has to be the stupidest,silliest,most idiotic EGB episodes I have ever seen.Esp. the part about Slimer "dying"!.Plain stupid.I hated it.

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