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Author Enterpise Does NOT have to last 7 Seasons

Joined: Jun 23, 2003
Posted: Jul 01, 2003 5:56 PM

Just because TNG,DS9 and Voyager lasted 7 Seasons, Enterprise doesn't have to, and the producers of it, shouldn't force themselves to make it 7 seasons long.

Quality over Quantity. normal
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Joined: Feb 12, 2003
Posted: Jul 01, 2003 6:24 PM

um...ok then. *confused*


"That's the bedroom...but nothing ever happened in there."

"What a crime." -Dana and Venkman, "Ghostbusters.
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Joined: Jun 16, 2002
Posted: Jul 01, 2003 6:26 PM

Please keep in mind this is a place about Ghostbusters not spam. Thank you.


Kyleogb1983, The Southern Gentleman of GBN.

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