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Author Loose Figures

Joined: Jun 16, 2003
Posted: Jun 30, 2003 7:32 PM

I have decided to try and collect all the ghostbuster figures in loose form, However, I do not have any loose figures right now. If anybody has a large lot to trade or sell, I would be interested. Right now i have Egon and Ray Pack heros on cards, The toilet ghost on card and the garbage man ghost on card. also have a stuffed slimer doll i got at universal studios many years ago. Thanks for the help
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Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posted: Jun 30, 2003 7:47 PM

Not figures, but a very good place an item to start with as its totally offical

look at the link below

Let me know what you think, 13.00 would make you the leading bidder

Cheers Alan
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Joined: Jan 02, 2003
Posted: Jun 30, 2003 8:56 PM

He didn't ask for a firehouse, he asked for figures.


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Joined: Jul 14, 2001
Posted: Jun 30, 2003 9:33 PM

Bustin' eBay in general is a good place to look for sets of loose figs. They generally go for pretty cheap.

Vinz and Alonson, if you don't have anything else to help Bustin' in his quest, you might want to just leave the thread alone. Thanks.


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Joined: Dec 05, 2002
Posted: Jun 30, 2003 10:13 PM

Hey here is a guy that has a lot of them.

action figures #2 (pee wee to willo) scroll down to Real Ghostbusters)

You can also find them from this guy. smile
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