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Author Tips for a First time Propper\Tutorial

Joined: Jul 28, 2001
Posted: Jan 02, 2003 1:42 PM

Im 14 and have been a die hard fan since I was like 3 months old..... anyway with Halloween coming up, I wanna revive my love for GB, what better way to do it than making my own costume!
Anyway, Tomorrow I start on the Goggles.... The easiest part.
Now... The Proton Pack, I need an idiot proof guide...... I mean, just a basic one that doesnt have to to much detail, but you can tell its a Proton Pack.... This being Semptember 7th, I have just under 2 months..... But, already I have a problem, I just came back form Marks Work Warehouse, They have no khaki coveralls!.
So, does anyone know a store (preferably not a military surplus store, too expensive)that sells simple khaki coveralls?
For the time being I dont think I will include a Trap, this year around, maybe next year when my budget gets pushed up with a real job.....
So, I would be incredibly happy if you guys could help me.....


Ever walked down your street in all your Toy GhostBusters equipment (including the suit from Universal Studios) and asked your neighbour if you had any Ghosts that needed Busting? Didnt Think so.....
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