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Author Egon & Jenine

Joined: Mar 31, 2003
Posted: Jul 05, 2003 1:18 AM

Plz everyone...lets just stop...i think we all are getting too caried away shocked

Once again i would like to thank everyone for helping me out with this topic, but i think we should leave as it is... smile


Um...Ray We'd like to shoot the monster?
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Jackalman 99

Joined: May 02, 2003
Posted: Jul 05, 2003 11:50 AM

There seem to be a lot of E/J shippers on this website, who don't like Egon being paired with Kylie or another guest character. These are some serious GB questions burning in my mind tongue . I'm pondering whether the tiny minority in cyberspace writing ff pairing Egon and Kylie, should be called E/K shippers? If the E/K shippers hate the E/J shippers? If it's important at all as they're only CARTOON characters? And; how many of you know they're only TOONS. Before somebody gets pissed about this, THIS IS ONLY A JOKE POST, NOT INTENDED TO OFFEND ANY TRUE BELIEVERS! angry mad mad See I did it for you, all the anger over this simple post peoples.
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Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posted: Jul 05, 2003 5:56 PM

Yeah Nicklert I agree with you 100%. Okay mods you can lock this thread up now.


Peter:"It's the thing! The monster! It's here! Only it's different!
Egon:"Peter calm down! You're babbling!
Peter:"What word don't you understand Egon? Thing, monster or different?
Egon:"Well, you can start with your definition of monster. *ROAR!* That'll do.

Thanx for the signature pic Zack! And the Av! They rock!!!
Egon and Clara Hamilton(a character in my FF)4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please read my FanFic. More will come later.
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Joined: Feb 03, 2003
Posted: Jul 05, 2003 7:24 PM

Stay cool, EgonsBabe. On the whole I'll miss the debate when this place is gone...


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