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Author Who do u hate the most?

Joined: Jul 07, 2002
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 11:11 AM

Walter Peck mad angry mad or Hardemeyer
mad angry mad
I think Peck is a complete @$$ hole and the actor who plays does it very well just look at his other movies Die Hard 1 and 2, and Real Genius.


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Joined: Jul 15, 2001
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 11:27 AM

im gone.

PS.I do feel sorry for the fella though, according to Dr.Vekman and his years of medical studies hes dickless! shocked


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Joined: Feb 15, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 2:03 PM

peck and the other guy in #2 who took the ghostbusters away without lennys permission. shocked normal shocked


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Joined: Jan 22, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 2:30 PM

drthjm, the other guy in # 2 who took the Ghostbusters to the Parkview Hospital's pycheiatric ward IS Hardemyer. So were you voting for both or did you not know you were talking about the same guy? As for me it's Mr. Pecker all the way lol smile


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Joined: Aug 20, 2002
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 2:39 PM

I don't like Hardemyer. That guy to me, seems to be WAY more of a weasel than Peck. Like at least Walter Peck did everything legally and nothing (except his whining at the end) was really underhanded. Hardemyer was just a JERK! A sniviling weasel! Which goes to show the actors that played these two are AMAZING!


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Joined: Jan 15, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 2:40 PM

Hardemeyer. Peck was a complete jerk but he was only doing his job. Hardemeyer was abusing his position when he had the guys committed just to get them out of the way. The guy's slime 100%.
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Van Damme

Joined: Nov 18, 2001
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 2:45 PM

Kurt Fuller is the worst. Although William Atherton wanted to do immense damage to the GBs, he was a one man army trying to take them down, but Fuller is such a a$$ kisser that he hides behing the mayor, tries to fake going to the press and sends them to Parkview instead, Peck would have just been blaitant and said I'm gonna get you put in the looney bin. I hate it when he goes "ahh uh the election?!" and is scared of the mayor and leaves his jacket behind when the other guy throws him out. tongue


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Joined: Jul 14, 2001
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 5:32 PM

If I had to "hate" one of the two, then Peck.

Hardamyer is a coward and more annoying then Peck. He's not even funny, Peck at least is laughable.


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Joined: Feb 12, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 5:53 PM

neither. I hate Louis Tully. wink


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Joined: Jul 25, 2002
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 6:10 PM

Well going with who did the most damage to the boys in grey, I would have to say Hardemeyer. I mean he got them thrown into a mental institution, however he was fired afterwards. But in GB how do we know that Walter Peck wasnt the one who got all the fines slapped on the guys? Well anyway, without a bkacstory I would say Hardemeyer.



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lucid dreamer

Joined: Feb 23, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 10:19 PM

I hate Hardemeyer over Mr. Peck. Mr. Peck started out good just trying to do his job. However Hardemeyer was always an @$$.

Just my 2 pennies.


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Orko Is King

Joined: Jan 21, 2003
Posted: Mar 03, 2003 11:54 PM

I hate both of them. They need a good kick in the gonads!


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Joined: Jun 10, 2002
Posted: Mar 04, 2003 12:04 AM

I hate Hardemeyer the most.

Peck was willing to give them a chance. All he wanted to do was see the containment unit. But Hardemeyer hated them from the get-go.

But you ever notice how typecast those two got after the GB films? Atherton has always played @$$holes (Real Genius, he was supposed to be Mr. Svenning in "Mallrats") and Fuller is either an @$$hole in authority ("Porn And Chicken") or a political aide ("That's My Bush"). tongue


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Joined: Aug 14, 2001
Posted: Mar 04, 2003 12:07 AM

Hardemeyer. Peck was just doing his job, even though he was being an #$%hole doing it. Hardemeyer was just annoying, and didn't need to do what he did.
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Johny Knoxville

Joined: Feb 16, 2003
Posted: Mar 04, 2003 11:38 AM

mines hardemeyer what an a$$clown tongue


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Joined: Feb 24, 2002
Posted: Mar 04, 2003 3:47 PM

I tell who I really hate and that is Sony,those bastards wo'nt even put RGB and EGB back on the air(or on DVD should I say) in the UK,USA and all around the world,and they also do'nt take good care of the Ecto 1 and Ecto 1A in their backlots or whatever and they still say no to GB3. mad angry mad
Oh sorry guys,forgive me,now where we were,oh yes the discussion on who we hate most out of Peck and Hardermeyer,I hate Hardermeyer. mad angry mad
(Jumps in Ecto 1 and speeds off to bust some heads in a spiritual sense of course)to quote Dan Aykroyd as Dr Raymond Stantz in GhostBusters. smile smile smile wink
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