Download New GB Chat Software
October 31, 2002, 08:22 AM

AOL recently released version 5.0 of their very popular Instant Messaging software for Windows (also known as AIM). We are assuming AOL is working on adding the same features for the Mac, which is currently at version 4.5. Version 5.0 contains many new features which allow a customized user experience., always striving to bring you the latest community technology available, is now offering an AOL Instant Messanger "Expression" for Windows users running AOL IM 5.0 or later. This AIM Expression offers a custom look to your AOL Instant messanger and a link to the new official Ghostbusters chat room.

If you aren't an AOL IM member, registration is very simple and thousands of Ghostbusters fans use the service. Simply follow the instillation instructions below. Keep in mind that if you are running Windows, you must have Windows 98 or higher to be able to load AOL IM version 5.0 on your computer.

Click on floating slimer to visit a random GB site!

To participate in the Ghostbusters Chat, you must obtain the following:

When you click to download the AIM expression, click "yes" when it asks you if you want to download it. After it has downloaded it will ask you if you would like to use the expression, click "yes" if you want to choose it.

Once loaded, you will see slimer floating around your buddy list. Click on slimer (if you can catch him) and you will visit a random Ghostbusters site from the links database that is constantly updated. Keep on clicking on slimer and you will visit a new website each time.

There is also a link to the new GB Chat. To chat in the chat room, just click on "GB Chat" and begin chatting with other Ghostbusters fans. Official Ghostbusters Chats occur every night @ 8pm eastern standard time.

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