Real Ghostbusters Prototype Up For Auction
August 22, 2002, 07:08 AM

Thanks to rgghost and river_of_slime, has learned that the unreleased Real Ghostbusters toy, "Egon's Lab", is up for auction on Ebay.

Below are the details from the Ebay auction page.

This is part of our month long "Employee Auctions." Every item listed on Ebay this month, came directly from the collection of a former toy company employee. Others, are still in private collections of designers, sculptors, and engineers, and are being brokered out by Hollywood Heroes Auction Galleries.

The Kenner "Ghostbusters" line started out as one of the strongest lines the company had in the 1980's. However, after a few short years, popularity died. In an attempt to rejuvenate the line, a series of additional playsets was conceived. None of them ever made it to market.

Offered for the first time anywhere on the market is Egon Spengler's Laboratory. This set is one of only four prototypes produced for the series. What's even more incredible, it is fully functional. This is a testament to just how far along in production this was, before it was finally dropped by Kenner at the end of the year.

Watch in awe as Egon mysteriously levitates off his lab table! Cringe in horror as hands appear from under the computer monitor, clawing their way towards out unsuspecting hero! You can also "catch" ghosts with the giant plasmatic hammer, included with the set. Take the included ghost (also a prototype) and place him on the lab bench. With a flick of a switch, the hammer bounces on him, triggering a trap door, which places him safely in the containment storage beneath the set.

The set also comes with a variety of hoses and "brain containment harnesses," so you can conduct experiments on other figures from the line. "Hey, got to question those guys under the right conditions... can anyone say lie detector test?"

Only four prototypes of this playset were ever produced. This is one of the very last stages of the production process. It only lacks decals, yet has full play value. This set was also featured in Tomart's Action Figures Digest, in the article pertaining to "Unproduced Ghostbusters Toys."

Finally, this playset comes with a partially hand-painted Egon. The boots and backpack have been painted a darker shade of brown, possibly suggesting that a new figure would have been made and sold exclusively for this set.

Bid today and own a piece of Real Ghostbusters history.

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