Make Mcfarlane Movie Figures A Reality
August 13, 2002, 07:32 AM

We are all fans of the films and cartoons. Some of us collect Ghostbusters items such as the figures based after the cartoon. However there were never any figures made based after the films. These figures would be great to have. There is a market for them and Estranged created a petition so all Ghostbusters fans can have these figures. Below are some words from Estranged about the petition to create GB movie figures.

Its a shame to see that just about everything else from the 80's is coming back in one form or another except for Ghostbusters. Thundercats has a new comic series out with a rumored toyline coming out next year, Transformer has a new toyline, comic series and a new show, He-man has a new cartoon and toyline, even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming back. They have a new comic book, a new toyline coming out and rumors of a new show and/or movie. Why can't Ghostbusters come back in one form at least? Ghostbusters 3 is pretty much dead right now. There's no talk of a new series. Why cant we at least have a return of a Ghostbusters toyline and something new at that. A Ghostbusters toyline based after the films. With the likness of the actors. It'd be great. The original boys in grey back again. We could even get figures from part two with them in their darker uniforms and Winston and Ray could have their slimeblowers. Imagine a new 13 inch Stay Puft Marshmellow Man or a Gozer figure or a Vigo figure. There is a great market for these figures out there and money to be made for whichever company obtains the license. Right now we are aiming for Mcfarlane Toys as the first choice if they turn it down then we can shop around to other companies such as Palisades or Asylum. Lets get the wheels in motion sign the petition and let your voice be heard. Sometimes these things do work. Hasbro is taking notice of fan petitions for certain Star Wars characters. If there is money to be made then someone will want to make it. Lets bring Ghostbusters back at least in plastic form. Every signature counts and is much appreciated.

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