Paul Green, RGB Artist
October 20, 1999, 11:17 PM

Paul Green was born in Lincoln England in 1955 and attended Oldham Art College. His first published work was for World Distributors in Manchester on the STAR TREK 1975 annual. He worked as a staff artist for World from 1974-77 before going freelance for Stafford Pemberton, Grandreams, Marvel and World. Regular titles he worked on include MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1985-89) and SCOOBY-DOO (1983-86). He also worked on annuals for SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, BUCK ROGERS in the 25th CENTURY, TOM & JERRY, TERRAHAWKS, STAR FLEET, HAPPY DAYS, JOHN TRAVOLTA, BATTLE BEASTS, POPEYE, ALIAS SMITH and JONES, SHE-RA and DUKES OF HAZZARD. He also worked on layouts for a series of REAL GHOSTBUSTERS UK produced duvets in the late eighties. He is currently completing work on the comprehensive GREEN'S TV MUSIC and COMIC BOOK ANNUAL GUIDE due for publication in July/August. This will include a price guide and artist/writer credits and exclusive interviews together with contents to thousands of annuals including the GHOSTBUSTERS/REAL GHOSTBUSTERS. You can check out full details here

GBC: Hi Paul, how are you doing today?

PG: Just Great.

GBC: How has it been working in the comic and cartoon field for almost 30 years?

PG: That's a hard question to start with. Most of the time it's hard work meeting deadlines.

GBC: What made it interesting?

PG: Working on the U.S. titles. I grew up with them as a kid and loved Superman and most of the DC characters.

GBC: As did, I. Which leads me to my next question. How was it working on very powerful 80's cartoons such as Masters Of The Universe Scooby Doo, and Tom and Jerry. Not to mention legendary comics such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

PG: I especially enjoyed Masters Of The Universe because I had total freedom and got to work on all the comic strips which I pencilled, inked and coloured. It's also great to get to do the covers as these were done with gouache paint.

GBC: What was the overall feel you got when working on The Real Ghostbusters?

PG:I'd say the complexity of the subject. Lots of characters and gadgets.

GBC: How did working on The Real Ghostbusters compare to your other work in the 80's?

PG: I prefer super-hero work to be honest. It's my favourite genre. Real Ghostbusters was more like working on Scooby-Doo. It's enjoyable though.

GBC: Explain how it was like working on Scooby-Doo?

PG: Scooby-Doo was fun because of the subject matter. I'm a fan of Hanna-Barbera's work and felt it a privilege to be asked to work on the annual. All the work has to be checked by the licensee so it was a good feeling to get it approved for publication for so many years.

GBC: Have you always been a Ghostbusters fan?

PG: I prefer the cartoon series to the movies! The subject is more suited to the animated treatment. I also like the UK annuals that Marvel produced. They were excellent.

GBC: Who is your favorite Ghostbuster and why?

PG: Venkman because he's the leader and the coolest.

GBC: What kind of effect did Ghostbusters have on the UK? Do you think the UK would be interested in seeing another film?

PG: The original movie was a BIG hit. The sequel not-so-hot. The animated series was a success with lots of comics and merchandise. I'd say another film would go down well given the advances in special effects and the success of shows like the X-Files and Buffy.

GBC: Describe how you got the Real Ghostbusters job.

PG: If I recall I illustrated a colouring book for Marvel INSPECTOR GADGET and then was asked if I'd be interested in trying for the Ghostbusters comic. In the meantime my name was passed on to somebody who then contacted me about the Duvet. I was given loads of character sheets from the show for reference which I still have.

GBC: What are some of your current projects?

PG: I'm currently compiling a UK Annual Guide with my assistant Laura Taylor. It's a massive job. We list all the UK annuals including the GHOSTBUSTER titles together with credits, contents and prices. It's due to be published late July. You can check out the progress on

GBC: Would you be interested in working on a Ghostbusters project in the future if there was one available?

PG: Yes I would. I love all cartoon/comic based work.

GBC: Excellent. What is in the future for Paul Green? More cartoon work or comic work?

PG: I've been selling some of my illustration work on eBay to collectors and plan to progress in this area. Lots of artists are now reproducing their original comic work for collectors due to the fact the publisher never returned their work. I've recently illustrated a gouache painted WONDER WOMAN cover for a collector in Wisconsin and sold a portrait to Bob Denver from Gilligan's Island!

GBC: Thanks for the interview Paul, and good luck with your work in the future.

PG: Thanks Chad. It's been a pleasure sharing my experiences of work with you.

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