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March 13, 2000, 06:44 PM

In the words of their American rock classic, "The Boys Are Back In Town", the premiere roots rock and roll band, The BusBoys, reunited and began touring with a vengeance in 1998. The Boys are back indeed.
This step into the future is based on their past: it was in the early months of 1980, with the legendary Whisky A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip as the site, that a group of teenagers forever changed the direction of rock and roll. With a nod to past rock pioneers Chuck Berry and Little Richard, the BusBoys took a step into the future. They were black, bold, irreverent and they rocked. It was an auspicious debut for the group who laid the foundation for acceptance of black rock and rollers who now regularly climb the charts.

The BusBoys took rhythm and blues roots and fireballed them into a blazing, amazing multi-dimensional rock and roll career trail. Under the creative and musical leadership of founder Brian O'Neal, they lit up the big and small screen, full-tilted the concert stage and collected multitudes of fans. Their work has been released on four major label albums, including the multi-platinum soundtrack for "Ghostbusters" which earned a Grammy nomination. The group toured extensively, either headlining or co-headlining with many top acts, including Linda Ronstadt, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, ZZ Top and Eddie Murphy. During their many television appearances, they rocked "American Bandstand," "Soul Train," "Rock Concert" and "Saturday Night Live." But they are no doubt best known for their internationally acclaimed on-screen performance in the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte Paramount Pictures blockbuster, "48 HRS." The Boys are definatley back and ready to clean up a town near you very soon! Enjoy the interview.

Recently, Ghostbusters Central got a chance to chat with Brain, the lead singer of The Bus Boys, to see what it was like doing Cleanin' Up The Town, as well as being the founder of one of the hotest bands around.

GBC: Hi Brian.

BB: Hey there.

GBC: How long have the Bus Boys been around, and how long do you plan to be around in the future?

BB: The band started in 1980 right here in humble Hollywood CA and I will keep doing this rock 'n' roll thing until the authorities find me.

GBC: When did the Bus Boy's get thier first break, and how was it like touring in the early days?

BB: We got our first break when my mother told me i didnt have to go to college after high school, and said that I could practice insurments, have rehearsals, and get to know my girlfriend better. I think our pro career took a big jump when I got Stevie Wonder to come to a showcase the band was doing. That lead to a great manager, which lead to a great record deal, which in turn, that lead me to getting to know several girlfriends better.

GBC: What where some of the band's early influences when you first started?

BB: We drew from a combo of sources from different genres. First, we were big fans of syl stone, stevie, and larry gram. we were also very much into Zep (Led Zepplin), Hendrix, and the Beatles. The stones go w/o menioning. Lastley we were really into jazz and blues from Oscer Peterson to Art Tatum to Muddy Waters and Hollen Wolf. Put all that together, rolled up nicely w/o the ends too tight and viola, here the BusBoys are.

GBC: Indeed here you guys are! How was it on the set of 48 Hours?

BB: Long, hot, and a hell of a lot of fun. More girls than my math was good enough to keep track of. More money than a teenager should legally have and Eddie (Murphy) is a pretty funny guy.

GBC: I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but Dan Aykroyd has been pushing for a third Ghostbusters installment. Columbia pictures reportedly isn't interested in the project and Dan Aykroyd claims that the studio is "looking for another Blair Witch Project". Meaning that they don't want to spend money to make a good film. What is your take on that? And do you anticipate a third Ghostbusters?

BB: Who knows what the studios are thinking these days. Whatever the flavor of the moment is, is what the studios (and TV networks) think people want to see. That's why there isn't a lot of great product out there right now--too much of the entertainment industry is driven by economics and not by creativity. I don't want to sound like a cynic, but a lot of people are feeling the same way.

GBC: (laughs) How many takes until you guys got to have some fun hanging out with Eddie Murphy?

BB: Before the first take.

GBC: Excellent answer.

BB: Eddie and I were figuring how much trouble we could get into before the cameras started rollin'. You know what they say? Planning helps.

GBC: How was your spot on Saturday Night Live like? Was it then that you first met Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray?

BB: It was great and yes. SNL is the top of the line TV experiecne. Even though the show airs live on Sat, you rehearse for it the entire week. The show was gracious enough to fly us out and put us up. So you are in NYC, for a whole week hanging out with your friends getting paid. Need I say more.

GBC: Is that how you got the Ghostbusters gig?

BB: No my friend, I got a couple other jobs that didn't make me as much money or as famous but felt just as good. Now let me get to that question. We had recorded the song Cleanin' Up the Town during a break when we were on tour in Orange, NJ. It was originally done just as a cool busboys song that we did not have any immediate plans for but we were just makin some good music. Our manager put us together with Ivan Reitman who fell in love with the song. We adjusted some of the lyrics to fit the outrageous early film cuts and the next thing you know; we had contracted a huge orhastra and were a contribtion to a song to one of the great movies of our decade.

GBC: How did you guys come up with some of the lyrics. Did Ivan Reitman get with you guys and tell you about the movie? In the song you speak of "ghost traps", "slimers", and the "ectomobile". So I would assume that you had some input from a key person working on the film.

BB: My bro Kevin and myself had the opportunity to view much of the film during shooting. I believe to the best of my recolection that we also got a look at some portion of the script. Ivan is to pro to do anyting other than hire the worlds best people and tell them they better get it right. One grammy nomination and many paltinum albums later, I am glad we did.

GBC: (laughs) What did you guys think looking at the finished product of Ghostbusters when you saw it in the theaters? Especially when you heard "Cleaning Up The Town" roar through the theater?

BB: As with our performance in 48 Hrs. I was pleasently surprised and greatly thrilled. You have to keep in mind, we do what we do because we love music and performing. Most of the time we end up getting the most satisfaction just from listinng to playback from our rehearsals or studio work. Anytime we are able to simultaniously participate in a high level project it is just absolutly cool.

GBC: What do you guys think of the status of Rock 'n' Roll these days?

BB: Oh boy...

GBC: Any good bands that you see promise in these days?

BB: Well, lets start by saying this. In my book there is only two kinds of music: Good and everything else. There are a great number of extremely talented band who have something to say. I got into this biz by way of being a fan and there are still plenty of band around to help me reinforce that. They are not always the most popular bands at the moment. I still find a lot to like an a lot to listen to and I try to stay in touch with everything from Jay Z to They Might Be Giants. Its a funny thing you should ask that. With my newly acquire postiong of A&R rep and Rattlesnake Venom Records I have been hearing some very cool stuff that I hope everyone else will get to check out too. Some of my fav's are It's Me Margaret, Wicked Pete, and Debbie Holliday.

GBC: What's in store for the future of the Bus Boys? It's been rumored that you guys are touring this summer. I can think of many people who are wanting this tour to happen, can you confirm it?

BB: Officer, I can't deny it. The Bus Boys are a dedicated roots rock and roll good time band. I promise that if we are able to tour this summer to support our new album The Boys Are Back In Town we will have every man, woman and child dancing their asses off and screaming for more.

GBC: Good to hear it, I plan to be there! When is the new albumn going to be out, and how will fans be able to get it?

BB: The single goes to radio on 5/1 and the album hits the streets on 6/13. It will be available at your local record store, CD NOW and other online stores as well as on our website,, hopefully Chad, you too will help make our record available and maybe we can talk about some special revisited version of Cleanin' Up The Town?

GBC: Definatley! I would be very happy to offer it on the site. Finally, any plans of playing "Cleaning Up The Town" during the big summer tour?

BB: We are now!

GBC: Excellent, well I hope Ghostbusters fans take heed and check out the latest Bus Boys Record. Definatly, it has been a pleasure. Thanks a lot Brain. Take Care.

BB: Thanks and lets do this again soon.

Definatly! Keep it tuned to this site for all the latest Bus Boy info as well as up to date touring info. For more information on the Bus Boys, please visit their website at Preorder their new album, "The Boys Are Back In Town", and download "The Boys Are Back In Town" and "New Shoes" right here at MP3.COM.

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