Dave Coulier: RGB voice of Peter Venkman
April 20, 2000, 02:22 PM

Dave Coulier is an actor/comedian/voice-over artist, he's finding his many talents much in demand. DAVE starred in the hit ABC-TV series "Full House", which aired for eight seasons (192 shows produced) and can now be seen in worldwide syndication in over 100 countries. COULIER (pronounced Cool-Yay) also hosted his second prime-time hit series for the same network with "America's Funniest People", which ran for four seasons. Did you know that Dave created and did the voice of the Jackalope on that show? DAVE also handled the hosting chores for " The World's Funniest Videos" on ABC.

Most recently, DAVE starred in a sitcom pilot for CBS entitled "Local Zeroes" and as a recurring guest-star as 'Father Rick' on the Bob Newhart/Judd Hirsch series, "George & Leo" on CBS. And whenever his schedule allows, he can be found headlining sellout comedy clubs around the country with his stand-up act.

In addition to seeing him on the tube, you've also heard him as the voice of many Saturday morning cartoon favorites. On "Muppet Babies" he portrayed Animal and Bunsen Honeydew for the run of the show and then became the voice Of three additional characters: Waldorf and Statler (the two old guys from the balcony on the original Muppet Show") and Bean Bunny. The "Muppet Babies" collected several Emmy Awards for best animated series several years in a row. DAVE also portrayed the Peter Venkman character on "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon (played by Bill Murray in the movies).

Recently, Ghostbusters Central got to chat with Dave, to see what it was like working as the voice for Peter Venkman.

GBC: Hi Dave, how are you doing today?

DC: Good. Things are very busy here ever since I started mentioning my cutitout.net website in the media.

GBC: You have been doing impressions and cartoon voices for years, what made you want to do the voice of Peter Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon?

DC: I've always been a big Bill Murray fan and I really liked his Peter Venkman character in the Ghostbusters movie.

GBC: How did you get the job?

DC: Actually I auditoned for the role and got it. Joe Medjuck and Michael Gross (the executive producers) liked the way my voice sounded (they later told me).

GBC: Were you a fan of Ghostbusters when you started on this project?

DC: Of course. It's a very funny and inventive movie.

GBC: As a fellow comic, did you look up to Bill Murray. And did emulate his humor style or wit while doing the voice of Peter Venkman?

DC: As I mentioned earlier, I've always been a Bill Murray fan. I think that I'm doing more of an impression of him in 'Caddyshack' than the Ghostbusters movie.

GBC: I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but Dan Aykroyd has been pushing for a third Ghostbusters installment. Columbia pictures reportedly isn't interested in the project and Dan Aykroyd claims that the studio is "looking for another Blair Witch Project". Meaning that they don't want to spend money to make a good film. What is your take on that? And do you anticipate a third Ghostbusters?

DC: Who knows what the studios are thinking these days. Whatever the flavor of the moment is, is what the studios (and TV networks) think people want to see. That's why there isn't a lot of great product out there right now--too much of the entertainment industry is driven by economics and not by creativity. I don't want to sound like a cynic, but a lot of people are feeling the same way.

GBC: What was it like on a typical work day, doing the voice overs for The Real Ghostbusters?

DC: A typical day recording Ghostbusters was like this; I would grab a cup of coffee and then take my seat in the recording studio next to my two favorite people on that show--Maurice LaMarche and Frank Welker. Then it would take about 2 hours to record one episode.

GBC: Were there a bunch of out-takes? Did you guys goof around a lot?

DC: There were quite a few out-takes. Mostly because Maurice, Frank and I couldn't stop acting like 5th graders.

GBC: How was it like working with Arsenio Hall, Maurice LaMarche, and the legendary Frank Welker?

DC: Those guys were all great. I still talk to Frank. He and I are both pilots and we love talking aviation. Frank and I worked on the Muppet Babies for many years and we goofed around so much, that after two seasons, the director (Hank Saroyan) wouldn't let us sit next to each other anymore. Frank's depth of talent is pretty scary. Arsenio I knew from the standup comedy days at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles--he was a lot of fun. He left Ghostbusters early because the Arsenio Hall show kept him really busy. Arsenio was a really funny standup He's a good man. Maurice LaMarche is one of the most talented voice-over guys in the business. A lot of people don't know how funny he is. He's brilliant as 'Brain' on 'Pinky and the Brain'. I've done a few episodes with he and Rob Paulsen (Pinky). They're amazing to work with.

GBC: During some episodes you can tell that some of the starring voice-overs would double and take different parts for auxiliary characters that where featured in certain episodes, such as people or ghosts. What was your favorite voice-over role other than Peter Venkman?

DC: I liked doing any monster or villain. We had some pretty weird characters on the show. So I guess that I really didn't have a favorite.

GBC: What was your favorite Real Ghostbusters episode?

DC: I can't remember because there's too many to choose from.

GBC: What's your take on the whole idea of paranormal exterminators?

DC: I thought that the movie Poltergeist exemplified paranormal extermination to its' fullest.

GBC: What was it like working on the Extreme Ghostbusters episode "Back In The Saddle"?

DC: It was fun. I got to see some old, familiar faces in the cast.

GBC: How where you contacted for the Extreme Ghostbusters/ Real Ghostbusters revival episode?

DC: The producers called my manager's and asked if I was available. It was pretty simple really.

GBC: Are/ were there any plans of a Real Ghostbusters revival? It sure would be great to see they boys in brown, tan, light blue, and dark blue slug it out on TV again!

DC: I haven't heard anything about it. If someone gave that a green light, I'd love to do it.

GBC: After all the years of toys, movies, and cartoons, what do you think the Ghostbusters franchise holds in people's hearts today?

DC: It's hard for me to speak for everyone, but I think we did some pretty entertaining shows and in the process did something that was unique and creative. The show created a genre that was scary, interesting and funny at the same time. I'm proud of all the work that we did.

GBC: And finally, can you tell us what you are working on now? Any current or upcoming projects that you want to share with us? I've been at your website, cutitout.net, and I've heard your new CD, it is very very funny!!

DC: I've been working on my website and that's been keeping me very busy. My CD, 'A Blast from the Pants' is selling at a brisk pace. I'll be tossing my hat into the sitcom director's arena later this television season. Directing sitcoms is something that I've always wanted to pursue. And I'll continue to do standup in comedy clubs across this great land of ours. Okay, my hands are exhausted from typing. I'm going to take a nap now. Thanks.

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