Toyfare Toy Tussle Results
March 24, 2000, 03:52 PM

A couple of months back Toy Fare online held the Titanic Toy Tussle. Fans could vote online for their favorite toys. The Real Ghostbusters toys made it through the first round, but got pummeled in the following round. The big question was, "How close was the fight?". In the lastest ToyFare Magazine (#33) they have a feature on the tussle and they include voting stats (there's a great picture of Mr. Stay Puft duking it out in the ring). It turns out it was a close battle.
Round 1 - RGB 57% / Street Fighter 43%
Round 2 - RGB 42% / Batman Animated 58%
And there you have it. Close win, close lose. If you'd like to see the rest of the feature, go grab the mag (also check out the Big Shot cartoon in the back featuring Slimer and a dig at Dan Aykroyd).

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