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Last Minute Guide To Proton Pack Construction
October 23, 2001, 03:08 PM PDT

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Written By Prop Correspondent: Got Maul

You want to be a Ghostbuster and Halloween draws closer than you can possibly dream. The first question that comes to mind is : Why didnt I think of
this earlier ??? Your story seems all too familiar, in fact it was right about where you are, I started my first proton pack two years ago. Gawd, do I
know what it was like to run around all over the place to figure out what looked like what. Hours and Hours were spend scavenging the isles of Home
Depot and Radioshack. Now, I want to recall what I did for my pack, to hopefully assist you last minuters :

Top Portion:

Gear Box: Two of those big Radio Shack project will see the one when you come to it.

Gun Mount: Radio shack medium size project box with a hunk of 2x4 wood cut and shoved inside for later support.

EDA: simple wooden rectangular box, you could saw one of the sides out out for fixing the blue box toor not ! accuracy is an issue, but depending on
your schedule.somethings have got to give !!

Blue box: another Radioshack project box, this time with a little window cut out of it.

Ion Arm: two slabs of rectangular wood, cut one in half at an angle and bring together

Booster Base (PPD and Attenuator): ANOTHER project box, this time sitting upright.

Booster: 3" PVC tube

Booster Frame: Get creative like the old times..just have two big wooden strips and little strips right downt he middle to make the gate

**Note: Add wooden strips to gear box, gunmount and light box...can get them either at hobby shop or even at home depot (except they are
problem though)**


Cyclotron: what else ! a cake pan

Spacer: Foam in that insulating stuff you could get at home depot and cover it with thin sheet of styrene

Motherboard: cut it out of wood...attach straps on heck with the alice pack...the foam stunt packs didn't use them !

Proton gun: tough one...just build the base of the body and stick your PVC tubes in the right places...there does not have to be too much detail
here...people won't notice :) Then take some insulating tubing and wrap it around the pvc tubing.

Lighting: I love this part. For my blue box, I stuck a blue glow stick in there ! Lasted for HOURS !! As far as my Cyclotrons went that year, I found
a blinking skeleton head and took off the skeleton to fine a battery powered blinking light inside...I simply stuck that little guy in the cyclotron
and viola! Blinking cyclotron.

LASTLY- keep in mind that people will not notice that your pack is inaccurate...they really won't. As long as they know the gist of what it is, they
think it is professionally made.

Though, I must warn you : Do this, and you will want to do it again next year, this time PERFECT....that is how I started...I thought to myself only
one year, and low and behold, two years later :)

Hope that helped.

In the link below is really rough and sad drawing I did of the thrown-together pack. It is color coded : Red Radio Shack, Black (PVC tubing) and blue
Home Depot and the wooden back board can be bought anywhere. The cake pan is at a local Target or home type shop.

There are Bugstompers plans and Norms plans. Then there is the weekend warrior. Those are my plans :)

Take Care and Happy Busting.

Got Maul

Copyright 1996-2003 All rights reserved.

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