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9 Action Figures
Year Released: 1986
Ah yes the original Ecto-1 the all time classic. Perhaps the best vehicle in the entire line it was ... more
Year Released: 1990
Ah yes, The Ecto-1A. Kenner's attempt to translate GB2's behemoth Ecto-1A into a toy. Truth be told,... more
Year Released: 1988
The only other Vehicle to be featured in the cartoon the Ecto-2 was well made given the exception th... more
Year Released: 1989
Now you're probably thinking to yourself "Hey wasn't the Ecto-3 in the show?" the answer would be: Y... more
Year Released: 1989
Probably the least popular of the cars this is the Infamous Speedster car complete with oversize exh... more
Year Released: 1990
This is a favorite among collectors. You see this was originally slated for release in 1990 but didn... more
Ghost Sweeper
Year Released: 1990
This was one of the more unique vehicles. Apparently the Real Ghostbusters got bored one day and sto... more
Glow Copter
Year Released: 1991
Ah yes, There has been much speculation about the Glow-Copter. You see it was originally scheduled f... more
Highway Haunter
Year Released: 1988
Another one of the cooler cars this Car was OFFICIALLY licensed by Volkswagen for use in the RGB Ser... more
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