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Air Sickness
Year Released: 1989
Probably one of the coolest sets around the Air Sickness set came with not 1, not 2, not 3, But 4 Gh... more
Bad-To-The-Bone Ghost
Year Released: 1987
Probably one of the most famous Ghosts next to Slimer. Bad to the Bones appeared on Several Promotio... more
Brain Blaster Ghost
Year Released: 1988
This Little Fellow was interesting. He was a decapitated head of Ghost with 4 other little Ghosts th... more
Bug-Eye Ghost
Year Released: 1987
The Bug Eye Ghost was possibly the scariest looking' ghost of the whole bunch. He has this evil face... more
Dracula (Movie Monsters)
Year Released: 1989
This guy was supposedly the leader of the Movie Monsters or so the Commercials Illustrated. In the l... more
Fearsome Flush
Year Released: 1988
This was probably the most unusual Ghost in the entire series. It was, now get ready for this, A Kil... more
Finger Pop Fiends
Year Released: 1987
These guys were the LEAST creative of the entire line. All they did was take some foam cylinders lik... more
Frankenstein (Movie Monsters)
Year Released: 1989
This guy actually vaguely resembled his movie counterpart, Frankenstein. I think he was one of the m... more
H2 Ghost
Year Released: 1987
The H2 Ghost was the first Ghostbusters toy EVER to have the Water Squirting Feature. Well before Sl... more
Hunchback (Movie Monsters)
Year Released: 1989
This guy was the first in a series of action figures made to look like Universal's Famous Movie Mons... more
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