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35 Action Figures
Egon Spengler (1st Series)
Year Released: 1986
Egon Spengler was the brains of the Ghostbusters and he looked the part. Egon's brainy look was tran... more
Egon Spengler (Ecto-Glow Heroes)
Year Released: 1991
First up on the last line of RGB Figures is Egon Spengler. Like all of his upcoming Ecto-Glow buddie... more
Egon Spengler (Fright Features)
Year Released: 1988
Egon Spengler probably had the most unusual looking Ghost ever to be packaged with a GB Action Figur... more
Egon Spengler (Power Pack Heroes)
Year Released: 1990
Yes it's Egon; He's lucky the 3rd time around his he gets packaged with one of the cooler Power Pack... more
Egon Spengler (Screaming Heroes)
Year Released: 1989
Egon continues the trend of the 3 screaming heroes figures to be packaged with actual miniweapons se... more
Egon Spengler (Slimed Heroes)
Year Released: 1990
Egon Spengler's appearance in the Slimed Heroes wasn't as spectacular as he previous appearances. H... more
Egon Spengler (Super Fright Features)
Year Released: 1989
Ah Yes, The infamous Egon Spengler Super Fright Features Figure. As you may already know his Super S... more
Janine Melnitz (Fright Features)
Year Released: 1988
Along with the onset of the Fright Features line came the onset of the first action figure appearanc... more
Janine Melnitz (Power Pack Heroes)
Year Released: 1990
As the Janine Trend continues she's lucky enough to get the best Power Pack out of the entire line. ... more
Janine Melnitz (Screaming Heroes)
Year Released: 1989
Janine probably had the best sculpt of all the Fright Features Figures. She was also the first and o... more
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