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The Flowers Are Still Standing!
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Winston Zeddemore (1st Series)
Year: 1986
Points Of Articulation: 5

Winston Zeddemore, The Everyman of the Ghostbusters in his first action figure experience is a terrific likeness to his cartoon half. His sculpt is a bit more detailed than the others if you look closely you can actually see a zipper on his coveralls. There is a bit of a rarity out there among the Winston Action Figures, as you know most GB Action figures have one elbow pad on their right arm. Well some Winston Action Figures were molded with 2 Elbow Pads, One on his left arm AND his right arm. If you own one of the action figures with 2 elbow pads then pat yourself on the back you've got the extremely rare Winston sculpt. Another Common mystery about the Winston action figure is why is left hand was sculpted into the shape of a fist. That mystery shall he laid to rest here and now. You see in the cartoon Winston was the Ghostbuster who primarily drove the Ecto-1 most of the time. Kenner in an effort to make their toys have a better playability sculpted Winston with a fist on his left hand so it would look like his hand was gripping the steering wheel of the toy Ecto-1. This was actually a good move by Kenner because the feature worked very well. Winston came packaged with a Proton Pack with a yellow stream and the Chomper Ghost. Winston has the honor of being the ONLY Ghostbuster to ever be packaged with a Ghost from the Cartoon. Winston's Ghost can be found as the Demon Bird in the episode "Mrs. Roger�s Neighborhood".

The first Real Ghostbusters action figure line, this line was arguably the favorite among collectors due to the fact of how it held true to the likenesses of the cartoon characters. For their time the Real Ghostbusters action figures were some of the best in the market coming packaged with their very own Proton Pack with twirling Proton Stream action and their very own Ghost fit for Busting. This line is probably the best recognized of all the RGB Figures.

User Ratings

GBix - Wed Jul 2, 2003 5:14 AM PSD
The man Winston. Such a great toy.


gozerposer777 - Mon Jun 30, 2003 12:03 AM PSD
Winston deseveres all the credit he can get. One of my 4 favorites of the series. Get it?


definenormal - Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:11 PM PSD
i never had this one, but i still long for it.... i just had the screaming winston, which just doesnt compare


Captainluke - Sun Jun 22, 2003 1:27 PM PSD
Great toy.


Peter Kong - Wed Jun 18, 2003 7:24 PM PSD
The 4th RGB toy I received

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