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Ghostbusters Firehouse
Year: 1987

Everyone loved this thing, The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset. One of the only playsets for RGB Ever released (More were scheduled but canceled when RGB Died) it was for the most part accurate to the show. It featured a working fire pole. You could connect your figures to a small pedestal via foot pegs and then you would push a small beige switch on the roof, which would send your figures spiraling to the ground and landing them gently on the bottom floor. It had room for the Ecto-1 and Working Doors as well. It came with Ectoplasm that could be poured into the Grates on top of the building. If you still have the firehouse and some slime do not pour the slime through the roof as it was very difficult to salvage once it was dumped.

User Ratings

LucDeathstryke - Wed Oct 8, 2003 6:21 PM PSD
this was the ultimate must have item for any Ghostbuster fan, it's a shame my dad threw mine out


t.talbot - Sun Sep 28, 2003 4:36 PM PSD
I can remember this when i was 6 years old when i got it and I thought it was brillient because it had every thing like the one of the cartoon so I am going to give thi a10 because it was acc


Venkmans Girl - Thu Sep 11, 2003 3:36 AM PSD
Man, this was my favorite Christmas present of all time! the firepole was awesome, it even came with a can of slime to pour on top and let it drip thru the grates, but my mom took it away from me...-_-;


bob279 - Mon Jun 30, 2003 7:02 PM PSD


gozerposer777 - Mon Jun 30, 2003 12:21 AM PSD
I remember when UPS brough this to me. I never got to slime it, but maybe that was for the best. The greatest playset ever.

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