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Eduardo (Deluxe Series)
Year: 1997
Points Of Articulation: 10

With his deluxe pack on Eduardo spans over 5� He has a sinister look on his face with an evil grin. He�s wearing a short sleeve purple shirt, and yellow pants. He has a yellow vest, and purple boots, kneepads, and gloves. He is slouched over trying to support the weight of the Protonic Cannon. The protonic cannon is huge; it has the base of a normal proton pack, but is tweaked. The Proton gunfires two streams, along with a second gun mounted on top of the pack. The pack is slime green.

The Eduardo figure was available in two variations. Purple or Pink nozzles on the end of the gun. It also has flashing lights and sounds taken straight from the show.

User Ratings

river_of_slime - Tue Jul 1, 2003 6:54 PM PSD
It was an ok figure


peter vakman123 - Tue Jul 1, 2003 12:37 AM PSD
god no it is so bad


Peter Venkmen - Sat Nov 23, 2002 11:03 AM PSD
The toy was ok. And guys if you haven't played with the toy don't rate it bad.


GB Freak - Mon Oct 28, 2002 12:28 AM PSD
It looks so bad. . .and the clours!


mrshowtime3740 - Wed Oct 9, 2002 9:41 PM PSD

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